Get An Ashe Skin During Overwatch’s Mardi Gras Event


You want Overwatch 2. We want Overwatch 2. No one knows when that day will be just yet, but for now, Blizzard is making sure we have reasons to keep playing the original game. Today delivers one good reason to boot up the original once again. If you can rack up nine wins, you’ll unlock a festive Mardi Gras skin for Ashe (and B.O.B.). If you immediately thought Ashe looks a little bit like Harley Quinn, you are not alone – we had the same takeaway.

Like all of Overwatch’s recent challenges, this Mardi Gras-themed one can be completed by getting wins in any mode. At three wins you’ll earn new icons for Ashe, another three wins unlocks a spray for her, and then you just need three more victories to get that awesome new skin. If you want another five sprays for Ashe, you can get one for watching two hours of Overwatch streams on Twitch, two more for another two hours viewed, and yet another two for two more.

Are you still playing Overwatch these days? Whether you are or not, what’s your temperature on Overwatch 2?

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